One thing I’ve noticed in my writing is that I like to use a lot of qualifiers. In my last post “probably” “I think” and “might” all show up with far greater frequency then is probably aesthetically permissible and that’s after I combed through and edited .  I just did it again. “Probably aesthetically permissable.”  As a reader and from having it yelled at me countless times I know (probably) that its more correct to drop the qualifier. It makes the sentence shorter, makes me sound more authoritative, and doesn’t really change the meaning of the sentence much. Nevertheless I continue to use qualifiers liberally.

Is it because I’m not confident enough in my fact/opinions? It seems to me that “serious” bloggers seldom if ever use these hedges. They state their opinions as if they were fact and move on. Are that that self confident? Is it merely a quirk of writing style?  I’d like to note at this point that qualifiers make a poor argument and since most people blogging these days are trying to make an argument (“my view of interpreting the world is the correct one”) maybe that has something to with their disappearance.