I think I might have written more about non economic topics then econ at this point. I’m not particularly worried about this but I do have a reason slightly disconcerting. Basically despite few/no one reading this I don’t want to put out a half finished incoherent post. I’d like anything I put up to have at least a somewhat recognizable flow and preferably a salient point or ending. This is problematic cause there’s a lot of half formed ideas in my mind that represent the totality of my thoughts on econ issues. The issues themselves, definitely interesting, my muttered ramblings, not so much.

Take the recent debate over explications of current unemployment. Fascinating stuff. But I can’t add or critique anything any of these guys are saying because I don’t trust my understanding of it enough.

Another example would be today’s discussion of basic Keynesian economics. On a good day I have it all straight. At the very least I have all the pieces of the major economic theories memorized. But occasionally slide around and get garbled up within each other. So while I at least recognized everything we were talking about in class my thoughts, such as they were, devolved into trails of inconclusive reasoning.

“What about doubt….. hmm how would a species currency change things over a fiat currency… holding MS constant would mean… i’m not sure anymore… money is constant so if money demand falls the roi on investment falls and investment falls? Which means gdp falls? How does money demand fall exogenously of the model anyway?? More interestingly how does the credibility of the commitment to a constant MS change market actors decisions? Would a change to a gold standard be different then the fed merely saying they intend to hold MS constant?”

Is a relatively accurate partial transcript of my thoughts during class. I like to think I can reach solid conclusions giving time to think about things but who knows how long that will take. But reaching that point takes a lot of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Does everyone else think only in perfectly formed economic constructs?