Writing is an interesting exercise. Seldom does anyone talk in a similar manner in real life. Its distinctively, deliberately depersonalized. I’m not talking to you, the specific faceless reader who happens to be reading this post. I’m talking to you the generalized faceless reader who could be reading this post. And I find that strange and vaguely disconcerting. No one really ever speaks completely devoid of the context into which the listener will receive their words. And, to be fair, the same is true for this blog. In all likelihood the only people that will ever read it our those I met in class today and some of Professor Greenlaw’s friends.  But the fact remains that there’s a certain awkwardness, a certain formality that permeates the act of writing.

So to start off I’d like to make an allowance for myself and my writing style. When I talk with my friends about a paper I just talk. I’ll say this “this bothers me” and then try and expound on whatever it is that bothers me. There’s feedback, we’re reminded of other things that struck us as odd, and we eventually reach some sort of conclusion or at least greater understanding the text then we had before.  After these conversations, or, lacking a friend with a similar background available, an argument with myself, that I start to write papers. Its a lot of work sorting through my thoughts, organizing them in a manner that easily comprehensible to the casual reader, making it coherent and cohesive. I would like for ever blog post to be of that quality but if I’m to use this as frequently as I believe its intended I’m not sure if that will be possible. You’ve been forewarned.